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New York Legal Consultant Registration #5641899
Debt Collection Agency License #2082283-DCA
Tax Preparer Registration PTIN P02150687, NYTPRIN 12593862
Notarial certificate filed in all counties of New York City

Qualified in Richmond County

Registration No. 01KU6344026

Commission expires on  27 Jule 2020

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Express Processing

When a document is issued in the US for use in a foreign country which is the member of Hague Convention, it may be necessary to have the document authenticated (legalized). An authentication certifies the capacity of the official who has executed the document. An Apostille is an authentication of a public document issued pursuant to the 1961 Hague Convention abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents

If the country where you are planning to use your document is not a member of Hague Convention, than instead of obtaining Apostille you need to request the Embassy/Consulate legalization. Our office facilitates both Apostille and Embassy/Consulate legalization.

Processing time: Apostille legalization in the State of New York normally take 1 business day. In the other States it might take 1-5 business days plus shipping time. The duration of Embassy/Consular legalization depends on the rules of the exact Consular and usually take 1-5 business days.

We are able to retrieve, authenticate and obtain an Apostille for the following types of documents:

Personal Documents

Power of attorney            Wills

Court judgment                Adoption dossier

Birth certificate                Naturalization docs

Marriage certificates       Criminal records

Death certificate              Police & FBI records

Divorce decrees               Other documents


Our specialists may also verify the authenticity and validity of your Apostille certificate.

We can ship documents domestically or overseas. To learn about shipping rates and timeframes, please use the DHL calculator. Our zip-code is 10006.


Our office provides legal services under European an Russian Law, including but not limited to drafting legal documents, representing in courts of law, providing legal opinion, international legalization of documents. We also provide notary services under the laws of the state of New York.

Under New York Consolidated Laws, Executive Law - EXC § 135, every notary public duly qualified is hereby authorized and empowered within and throughout the State to administer oaths and affirmations, to take affidavits and depositions, to receive and certify acknowledgments or proof of deeds, mortgages and powers of attorney and other instruments in writing; to demand acceptance or payment of foreign and inland bills of exchange, promissory notes and obligations in writing, and to protest the same for non-acceptance or non-payment, as the case may require, and, for use in another jurisdiction, to exercise such other powers and duties as by the laws of nations and according to commercial usage, or by the laws of any other government or country may be exercised and performed by notaries public, provided that when exercising such powers he shall set forth the name of such other jurisdiction. 

We may draft under the laws of the Russian Federation, notarize and authenticate documents in foreign language such as: 

In English, in Russian, in Chinese, or bilingual

Power of Attorney

Don't have a text? We will help to draft it for you! 

Besides the notarial certification under the laws of the State of New York we can also insert a notarial certification under foreign law.

What we need from you in order to notarize the document in a foreign language:

  • draft of your document, emailed to in MS Word or PDF;

  • valid photo ID such as passport, driver license, state ID, employment authorization document (if the ID's validity is bound to another document, that other document will also be verified);

  • prior appointment made over the phone: +1 646 8374669 (also Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp);

  • personal appearance to our office at 55 Broadway, 3rd floor, New York, New York, 10006. 

Superb International and Domestic Tax Solutions for Businesses and Individuals  

Tax Reporting

Filing all types of tax returns (1040, 1065, 1120, etc.)

Effective minimization of tax liability is impossible without thorough tax planning. Normally, taxes are one of the biggest expenses for both individuals and legal entities even in the low-tax jurisdictions. In some instances, the tax burden may be a crucial factor for entering into a contract, opening a new branch, or launching a new product. On the other hand, an unexpected tax bill may undermine the current budget. It is true regardless of the size of the business or the industry. Even professional financial services providers have to deal with developing and adjusting tax planning policies.  


Formally, tax planning is a proactive form of modeling the tax return statements. Actually, it is a method of projecting the financial results, controlling the budget, and eventually, establishing wealth and prosperity. Despite the great number of technicalities, tax planning still may not be fully automatized, remaining the product of the human professionalism. As a segment tax industry, tax planning constantly undergoes legislative and standardizing changes. That is why it is utterly important to follow major trends.  


We provide our clients with the personalized short- and long-term planning solutions, creating a roadmap of financial transformations, which might affect business as well as personal finances both domestically and overseas. Scrutinizing every line of the tax return, we may offer our clients the most balanced and reliable ways of overall tax burden minimization or deferring the current tax liability.


Our strategies include:

  • Shifting the income to another natural person, such as a family or household member, client, agent, partner or another person

  • Shifting the income to a legal entity, such as corporation, trust, fund, non-profit organization

  • Shifting the income to another jurisdiction domestically or internationally

  • Reallocating the assets and liabilities within the group of people or entities

  • Corporate restructuring within the holding

  • Using available deductions and exemptions 

  • Using deferral and expediting techniques

  • Using product-based startegies   

  • Using requalification of the grounds of tax liability and recalculations of the amount of the tax liability

  • Bunching deductions and exemptions in specific tax periods.


Besides tax planning, we facilitate pax planning and advising our clients on simplification, streamlining, and securing of the data collection and management processes. With our assistance our clients may redesign, redefine and redeploy tax to be a strategic asset across the enterprise.


We provide corporate filing in all states of the U.S. and four offshore jurisdictions


British Virgin Islands  (BVI)



We assist our clients in: the following issues:
- Company formation in all states of the U.S. (LLC, Corporations, Partnerships, Non-Profit)
- Obtaining Certificate of Status, Certificate of Good Standing
- Obtaining copies of charter documents such as Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Association, Bylaws, Reports etc. 
- Certification and apostillization of aforementioned documents.

We also provide corporate services in offshore jurisdictions. A legal entity and/or bank account in tax haven may be the perfect solution in the case of family disputes, disputes between business owners and management, lawsuits of public and private entities, including tax authorities, professional raider attacks. Ownership secrecy, protected by offshore jurisdictions normally means non-disclosure of directors' names, shareholders' names, and names of beneficiaries even if such information is requested by judicial or prosecutorial authorities of foreign countries.   


Now we assist our clients to remotely open companies and bank accounts in Belize, the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Panama, and Seychelles. These jurisdictions offer different degrees of secrecy and different formalities. 


Also, our office facilitates title registrations for boats and aircraft. 


Debt collection from individuals and legal entities

Our debt collection agency facilitates collection of indebtedness from individuals and business entities in New York City. In particular, we are specialized in recovery of the following types of arrears:

  • due payments under contracts with independent contractors;

  • loan proceeds;

  • unpaid wages;

  • unpaid rent;

  • damages to property, such as real estate damages and car crash damages;

  • other debts.

We also advice debtors on the strategies of debt minimization and restructuring.


Normally, we charge 30-35 percent of the actually collected funds. Additionally, we charge $150 to assess the indebtedness, our chances for actual recovery and to cover essential paperwork and court fees.  

To start your collection, please fill out the 

  Viacheslav S. Kutuzov